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Winning tactics for Successful Mobile App Design

Mobile apps have become a necessity in today’s fast-paced world. There are billions of mobile subscribers worldwide. Also, the increasing use of the Internet of Things (IoT) promised to connect billions of mobile devices to the Internet in the upcoming years.

Do you know what exactly separates a good app from the bad app?

The answer is ‘User Experience’ (UX). Yes, a great user experience is what that stands out a good app from the market. An excellent user experience is a key to the success of all the mobile apps.

Thinking to design your own mobile app? Want a winning UX design for your successful mobile app design? Let’s find out what are the practices that you should follow to steal the hearts of millions of audience.

1. Deep Market Research

Before you are going to start building an app, the first and the foremost thing is the complete market research.  Do you have an app idea? Fantastic But, check if one app with the same features available in the market that you are planning to offer.

The market analysis will help you to go through your competitor’s strengths and weakness and what additional you can offer from other’s that will make your app unique.

Going through the review on competitors’ app will give you an idea about the user’s likes and dislikes. So, you can build an app as per the user’s satisfaction.

2. Which platform to choose to launch an app? Android or iOS?

That ’s true that you will going to launch your new app on both the platforms. But in reality, you have to choose one of them for the feasible availability of your app amongst the users. Both the platforms have their pros and cons of using. These two mobile operating systems remarkably changes User Interface (UI) and changes the way the mobile users use apps.

3. Wonderful User Experience (UX)

Okay, you have decided the platform now. The next important step which you can’t neglect is the user experience. The value of an app does not depend on how many features you offer. But how good the user experience is what matters.

To provide a great user experience, the collaboration between the designers, developers and quality analysis team should be strong.

4. Simplicity is the best

Creating a successful app requires a sharp focus. Rather than having too many options and features that make the app complex to use, having a simple to use the app with a clear understanding of all its functions is the best. That means to follow a minimal UI design approach that many of the successful app designers are using.

5. Choice of right colors and Layout is essential

As per the studies, the selection of colors widely impacts the conversion rate and overall market performance of your app. knows your target audience first and designs your app according to that. Like, if you are building an app for Chinese people, prefer red color for your app.

6. Naming the App

This is very important which can lead to the success of your mobile app design. The name of your app should be related to the features you will offer. It should be recognized easily.  You should include your app’s name in the keyword to maximize the app’s visibility and discoverability in the app store.

7. A/B testing of the app

After designing your app, know how it works. Through A/B testing you can analyze how your users will react and interact with your app. You can hence improve your app performance.

8. Appealing and Understanding Mobile App Description

Description of your is very important for the users who are visiting your app for the first time. It helps to understand their decision of downloading the app. Both Google Play Store and Apple play store displays a 2-3 description of the app.

So, when you build your app, do remember to add a catchy 2-3 line description to convert users into customers.

Make a habit to post fresh content on your mobile website

Once you have launched your mobile app, you should keep your content updated on your mobile website. Also, make your audience feels your presence on social media platforms like Twitter, LinkedIn. You can share users’ experience on these platforms of using your app. So, that more and more people enjoy the benefit of your app and that’s how you can create more customers.

10. User Engagement  for successful App design

The chances for the successful mobile app will increase if user engagement increases. Once a user has downloaded your app and is using it. He must be given enough reasons to use it again and again. This can be achieved by making every user interaction memorable and delightful. What you can do is to use data intelligence methods to engage, retain and grow users with automated tools.

11. Make the First Impression of your Mobile App design Memorable

You already know that your app only gets a few seconds to prove its worth when any user installs it. That seconds or a minute experience that your mobile app provides to the user is termed as ‘onboarding experience’.

You can guide your users to perform an action to reach the next level. This makes your app look interactive.

12. Don’t forget to ask for feedback

Feedback matters a lot. Customers read feedback before they download your app. There are many customers who love to provide feedback after using an app. So, design your app in such a way that it should include a unique and uninterrupted way to ask your customers for feedback.  As you know, the more feedback you get, the better your mobile app will be.

So what’s next? Let’s get your UI / UX mobile app design into action.

Developing a successful mobile app design is not an easy task. But if you plan it you can definitely achieve it. The tips and tricks mentioned in this post will help you to create an awesome mobile app. Just implement it and build something that you always wanted.

About the author:

Nishant Desai is Digital Marketing Strategist at Pixlogix Infotech Pvt. Ltd. He love to write about the latest trending updates, WordPress, Web Design, SEO and other interesting information, and believe in Learning, Sharing and keep growing together.