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Why Security is Important and What do to Protect your WordPress Blog

Have you ever watched movie ‘Snowden’ a biographical spy thriller on the life of whistle blower ‘Edward Snowden’? In a movie, there is the scene when secretive CIA recruiter ‘Corbin O Brian’ tells him about an operation to foil Chinese hackers in Oahu. Meanwhile hunting, he tells to Snowden about bitter reality which is so important for us to keep our eyes on. Corbin O Brian told:

Secrecy is Security and Security is Victory

This one-liner is telling us a lot and unveiling acerbic realities. Undoubtedly, security of data and information has become indispensable. This world of technology and information is vulnerable to exquisitely developed and undetectable threats. We are really on the verge of security loophole where any hacker can penetrate into personal information in few clicks. Think, for instance, last night you were chatting with your friends on social media site and next day you found that ‘Your account has been hacked’ then it will feel as if the sky has fallen on you. All of the efforts that have been made as yet to curb data breach are just tips of the ice burgs. All stakeholders and tech powers of this world will have to put forth massive efforts if we want to strengthen data security. It is most urgent need for us to coin infallible security system to bar hackers and malign elements from manipulating our data.


History is packed with events when data breach took place in the blink of an eye. Three incidents are worthy-noticing. Those who suffered losses were not tom, dick or harry. They were big tech companies with thousands of employees and big net worth.


Yahoo, which was once giant search engine, was hacked in 2013-14 and it affected over 3 Billion users. Not only, it stigmatized the credibility of internet superstar but also resulted in financial loss.

2- eBay:

eBay was cyberattacked in May of 2014. It exposed names, mailing addresses, phone numbers and birth dates. Encrypted passwords ever were hacked. This huge data breach impacted 145 Million users worldwide. When the incident was investigated, then, it came to the realization of the company that hackers had been using credentials of three employees for this purpose. They had easy access to the user database for 229 days.

3- Adobe:

Adobe is an American computer software company. It was hacked in October 2013 and around 3 million encrypted customer credit card information with login data and so much more. Attackers stole the data of 150 Million users and resulted in a loss of millions of dollars.

Ms. Olivia Heidi, the prominent security technologist and expert essay writer at Top Quality Essays says;

It is fallacy and daydreaming to curb breach of data, just by few security measures. We need to take leaps to protect ourselves, information and prestige of our businesses, institutes, and governments. Training, collaboration between governments and people, flawless encryption policy, crackdown on drive-by downloads and comprehensive patching are few of the things that must be undertaken to thwart hacking attacks.

Information security and data protection have become vital for businesses. No website can thrive and gains the confidence of millions of users without a well-thought strategy. A well-perceived information security plan helps any website or business to reap these benefits:

1-    It makes you reputable.

2-    You don’t need to face financial troubles and loss

3-    It protects you as well as your customers

A thing which shouldn’t be overlooked at this point is ‘Digital Content’. The content is everywhere in many forms i.e. textual, visual and graphical. It won’t be incorrect to say that Internet is nothing without content. If you or anybody wants to communicate ideas via content, then, familiarity with CMS is a must. CMS stands for Content Management System. There are many CMSs available for users with respective uses but I am going to mention user-friendly content management systems:

1-    WordPress

2-    Joomla!

3-    Drupal

4-    Expression Engine

Let’s dig into advantageous of WordPress and best ways to protect your blog created by using WordPress. In fact, you don’t need to be tech savvy to make use of WP. It is way much easier as compared to rest of the content management systems.

  • It is PHP blogging platform.
  • It contains WYSIWYG editor for users who are not aware of HTML or other programming languages.
  • WordPress is packed with themes which you can change anytime.

•    No other CMS is rich in plugins as compared to WP. You will find 10k plugins for SEO, Analytics, and Social Media etc.

Wordpress Blog

Do you feel quite worried about protection of your WordPress blog? Taking these steps could safeguard the security of your blog. Rest assured, you will not have to worry at all about anything because it contains lots of plugins and tools to secure you from hacking attempts, threats, viruses, attackers and intruders.

  • Create strong and secure password.
  • Restrict login Limits for keeping intruders away from your website
  • Use Security Ninja Pro to monitor your WordPress files actively.
  • Perform Back-Ups regularly to avoid hacking attempts.
  • 2FA (Two Factor Authentication) is the surest way of protecting your website from malware. Use Google Authenticator plugin to keep your website safer.

Secure your WordPress website and protect yourself from malware and hackers. Earn reputation in eyes of search engines, customers and visitors by applying steps discussed above. It is our responsibility to not just save us from hacking threats and attempts but also assist others in staying alert and away from attackers. We need to work in unison to bar malicious elements and hackers from stealing our data or hampering our reputation. Our positive collaboration will make Internet safer platform for online business and easily accessible education.

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