Top 10 Spy Software for Mobile and PC

The rain of cell phones and PC are on the rise and the people are using these machines and gadgets no time ever before. Smartphones of android and IOS are fascinating for the users and millions of the people are using these contemporary gadgets for making calls, text messages, shared media files and for social messaging apps when connected to the cyberspace. However, the PCs such as windows and MAC are as popular as phones. On the other hands, people also want to spy on someone’s PC and smartphones. Let’s take a look at the following mentioned spy apps for Mobile and computer machines.

Cell phone spy app for androids

Cellphone spyware for android is one of the leading mobile phone monitoring apps that can easily track the activities happen on the Android smartphone. Users just need to install the android monitoring app on the target phone by subscribing and getting the credentials of an online control panel. Then a user can get access to the web portal and use android tracking tool. A user can track messages, social media apps, and GPS location. Record phone call of Android and remotely control the phone.

TOS iPhone monitoring app

No matter how many activities a target iPhone user has done, it empowers a user to track the phone fully. Users just need to install the TOS iPhone spying software on the target phone of IOS operating systems. After you have done successfully with the TOS iPhone spy app. you will be able to capture screenshots of the activities, you can record surround sounds, and make short videos of the surround with TOS iPhone Mic Bug app. it further allows user to view the browsing history, track emails and do live screen recording of all the trendy social messaging app.

Surveillance spyware for MAC PC

TheOneSpy also has introduced one of the most effective surveillance software for tracking MAC PCs. A user can install it from visiting the official website of MAC spy app. After you have done with the installation, a user can secretly remotely track MAC laptops machines. A user can block the entire inappropriate website; a user can use MIC to listen to the surroundings, use the keylogger to get all the applied keystrokes and can do live screen recording.

TOS spying app for window PC

If you are looking forward to tracking someone’s windows desktop device, TOS monitoring software for windows would be the ultimate and reliable tool. You can get user-friendly reports about the activities happen on the device. It enables a user to capture screenshots, block websites, mighty alarms and can do real-time monitoring of window laptop.

Securekin for Androids

If you are in the search of tracking android phones of your kids and teens or of your employees or you want to set parental control on your kids and teens android cell phones. Just bring the securing android spy app and put your parenting worries to rest.

From tracking messages to social media activities, tracking phone calls to capturing screenshots it empowers user to view all the activities happen on the target cell phone of android. It further allows a user to provide spy 360-degree protections in real time.


It is known as world powerful and non-intrusive cell phone monitoring software for Android and IOS phones. But it seems very expensive and its interface is not user-friendly for the user. That’s why it is not fit for the users that are not tech-savvy compared to the ones who are tech-savvy and know about the technology. It enables a user to track messages, calls, a location of your target phone of android and IOS, call history and last but not the least social media tracking.


It claims as world’s no 1 cell phone spying software, but in reality, there is the number of top cell phone spy products that we have discussed earlier. It has some features that work properly to spy on someone’s cell phone of android and IOS. But most of its features don’t work in such a way to obtain the results in real-time and often delays the command to make progress out of it such as text messages spy, location tracking, call spying and browsing history tracking.


No doubt it is one of the best software for cell phones for Android and IOS and for PCs. But when it comes to its price it is one of the most expensive software for the surveillance app for tracking phones and computer machines. A user can track text messages, track call incoming and outgoing, GPS location tracking and plenty of others. But the whole package a lay man cannot afford.

Mob stealth

It is known for cell phone tracking app whether Android and IOS and even for the computer devices. The spy software has the number of features to track the activities, but the problem lies in the installation process. The interface is also not up to the marks that enable an ordinary person to use. Furthermore, the customer care representatives don’t cooperate fully with the customers.

Net Nanny

It is one of the best parental control apps to ever come across with that enable parents to set parental control on kids devices. Parents can control the screen time, track visited websites, and block websites that are not appropriate for the young kids and it enables parents to set their own preferences of parenting.