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The Business Bee – How to Cross-pollinate Ideas in a Coworking Space

Much has been made of the coworking trend that has transformed many businesses around the world. In addition to its benefits of being a much more inexpensive alternative to the conventional office, the coworking space presents professionals with a million chances to network, both informal and formal. Many of these networking opportunities have translated into chances for coworking professionals to have some really great experiences while collaborating with others.

The typical set-up for a coworking space involves professionals seated at hot desks or dedicated desks. coworking places professionals in close proximity, and by doing so, creates a number of contact points for conversations. Check one example of how this office style functions by visiting Servcorp’s New Zealand coworking website link.

For more information regarding the many ways coworking can create opportunities for the exchange of ideas, please read below.

Engage In Cooperative Collaborations

Collaborations offer professionals the chance to work in group settings. However, you do not necessarily have to be engaged in a project to take advantage of this opportunity. If you have team members that you have met at the office, spend time in the morning going over projects you are engaged in, everyone giving input into the others’ ideas. More than just an opportunity to chit chat, this is a more structured way for everyone to meet and discuss possible projects.

Use Technology

While working at your desk, use your online chat and cloud apps to share conversations and documents regarding the work you are doing with others. By exchanging information with others, you can get valuable input on ways to approach your work. No, you do not want to pester your teammates with constant conversations, but these apps can assist you with creating opportunities to share ideas among your workmates throughout the workday.

Schedule Meetings

In addition to the hot desks and the dedicated desks, coworking outfits have a number of other amenities as well. Some of the larger outfits have conference and meeting rooms where you can your team members can schedule meetings specifically for the purpose of generating ideas about business. Turn it into a lunch or dinner meeting, but the point is to designate some time at least once a week to engage this more creative part of building a business.

Attend Networking Events

One of the best places to get ideas for a business is at networking events that promote entrepreneurial endeavours. Whether these events are conferences or just meet-and-greet for professionals, all members can better contribute to a conversation if present at the event. For these reasons, attending events as a team will help generate ideas from everyone and not just the people who attend.

Delegate Responsibility

When working in groups, often leaders naturally gravitate toward doing much of the footwork. While collaboration is really about working together, sometimes it does not translate into these types of efforts because of the experience levels of the professionals involved. Some might let others lead just by virtue of their experience, so to ensure that everyone has a chance to contribute their ideas to the conversation delegate responsibility. By taking responsibility for some part of the project, everyone will definitely be able to contribute their own ideas to the discussion.

Promoting Cooperation Through The Sharing Of Ideas

One of the many benefits of the coworking space is that it promotes collaboration, and much of these collaborations spring from the cross-pollination of ideas. However, some of the better collaborations come from cooperative efforts that encourage participation from all team members, regardless of their experience level. In the end, these contributions are the foundation of long-term relationships that will lead to an increase in business long into the future.

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