Desktop Aquarium

Setting Up a Desktop Aquarium – How and Why

Having an aquarium in the office or workplace can bring great benefits, adding to the ambiance, creating a splash of colour and helping to reduce stress and create a calming atmosphere – which is why more and more people are starting to have mini fish tanks on their own desks.

A desktop aquarium gives you something soothing to look at all day, helping to keep stress levels and blood pressure lower, contributing to a better overall sense of well being so how would you go about setting up a desktop aquarium?

Well it’s important to take into account the small size of this type of tank when choosing the type and amount of fish as clearly they get a lot less space in this type of set up compared with a regular fish tank.

Many places now sell complete desktop aquarium kits so you can buy it all in one as a kit and get it set up very easily. These type of kits are cheap to buy and easy to set up so great for starting out with fish.

They are also much easier to clean and maintain than larger tanks so ideal for children, or if you are just starting out and can’t decide about committing to a bigger tank or not. They are cheaper to buy than larger tanks and will look amazing on your desk.

Fish Tank
Small doesn’t mean boring – we are not talking about a bowl of goldfish here – there are as many different styles and choices of desktop aquariums as there are large size fish tanks so take your time in choosing the right one for you.

Some even come with a built in clock and area for storing pens and other desk equipment so creating a practical space as well as a beautiful place for your fish to live. So shop around and have a look at all the different styles before deciding which one to commit to.

Once you have decided on your tank style, you need to set up the kit which should come with all of the elements included. However, you will need to start with adding gravel to the bottom of the tank, choosing any ornaments you want, and any plants, bearing in mind the limited space.

After this step, the next stage is to add the water – make sure you add in any conditioner or filter systems which come with the kit. Make sure the water is cycled and the filtration system is up and running. Once the water is all settled you can try adding one fish.

If the fish lives then you can start to add more and be confident the tank is in a good position. You will need to make sure that around 25% of the water is changed every two weeks or so, to keep it clean for the fish and the gravel will need vacuuming every couple of weeks as well.

aquarium fish
Make sure you don’t overfeed the fish as this will cause rotten debris to build up and cause problems with the water so start small and just see how much they like to eat rather than putting in lots of feed and hoping for the best. You can always give them more but it’s much harder to take food out.

Which brings us on to the most exciting part of setting up a desktop fish tank – choosing which fish should be included. This size of tank is really only suitable for around 2 – 3 fish maximum and avoid aggressive fish. Goldfish are also not great for these small tanks because of their size and the amount of waste they produce. Go for small colourful fish for maximum effect.

Once you have your desktop aquarium and fish all set up then it’s a case of maintaining it regularly by feeding the fish, cleaning the glass, changing the water and make sure everything is working effectively every week. If the tank has lights and heaters then make sure these are on at the appropriate times and working for the fish, to provide a strong happy environment for them to live in.

Having a desktop aquarium can be a really restful addition to your workspace, providing something to look at when feeling stressed or overwhelmed. Watching fish swimming can improve feelings of calm and also provide inspiration when required, so if your company is on board, why not go out and get your own personal desktop fish tank today?

Just make sure that you make arrangements with colleagues to feed your fish and look after your tank while you are on holiday or if you need time off sick – it’s important that your fish don’t suffer just because you need some days out of the office otherwise you will have a very unpleasant desk to return to!