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Selling A Product or A Service? Here Is How Can You Pull Customers

Attract your group of Customers by Customer retention Ideas

The world around us full of competition; not only among sellers but buyers as well. Today, customers seek only the best products and services. These have coined the never-ending competition among sellers. With similar products and services offered to a targeted group of customers; it has become a challenge for sellers to pull customers towards them. Sellers these days continuously look for attractive ways and strategies to lure the customers and generate revenue for them. Selling product is not the end of the task chain; customers’ retention also comes next. The loyal the customer; the higher the sell is.

Selling techniques differ from product to product. For example, if you are dealing with DTH recharge services; then providing attractive packages with proper marketing, and after-sales-services to the customers is a must. You should be able to convince cable operators and make customers’ switch to digital cable service. If you are dealing in mobile phones; you should provide the best and better features when compared to the competitors. You cannot just attract the customers with low prices. These days every mobile buyer looks for features, prices, EMI facility, service center availability and various other facts before making a purchase. For example; iPhones are not easily affordable by all; thus the company came up with the EMI facility to sell the product. Therefore all your customer attracting strategies should be planned according to the standard of living.

This write-up will share with you few ways to pull customers towards your product and service.

  • Urge to buy the product should be created in customers.
  • Products creation should be according to customer’s needs and demand.
  • Convincing customers with the need and usability of the product is a must.
  • Communications of essential and attractive features should be a priority.
  • Explanation of the product should be in simple language.
  • The first impression is the last impression; thus from the product, service to store, outlet and website should be attractive.
  • 24X7 Customer Care Service is a must.
  • Promos, coupons or discount codes should be given to encourage customer for buying your product.

Here Is How You Can Pull Customers:

  1. Making Use Of Technology

Advertisements are so far the best way to promote your products and services. Playing ads on TV and internet is the best way to offer what you sell using technology. Inform about your product using advertisements in print and electronic media. Alternatively you can also plan for social media like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter etc. Encourage the customers to visit your stores and websites to know more about your offerings. For example, tell about your product on social media sites and ask consumers to refer your product or service. Ask them to share a review for the product, and in return, give them the discount coupons to be redeemed on their next purchase. This will help more customers to know about your product. Creating a mobile application where details of your product are updated can also be done. Nowadays consumers compare products online thus keeping your website and app always updated with latest prices and features is a must.

  1. Customer Service

Plan your strategies to provide your customers with not only before sales service but also with the after-sales services.  It is a service to ensure that your customer is satisfied with your product. In online or offline businesses, providing customer service should be of utmost priority. For example installation service, cash on delivery, refunds and returns, exchanges etc. Follow a clear communication policy; there should be no hidden terms and conditions.

  1. Customer Experience

Always ask your customers about the products and services offered by you. In case, there any flaws; corrective measures are to adopted immediately. Customer experiences can contribute through direct communication, surveys and polls etc. The responses from customers will help you in improving your product and satisfying your customer needs.

  1. Small Business Or Start-Up Business

No matter you are into a small business or setting up a start-up identifying the appropriate customers, understanding their needs and then providing the desired product and service is your pathway to have more customers. There goes the direct appeal to the customers and will help you to retain the customers for long. To attract more customers; inform them about the products and services by pitching them through messages emails, ads, magazines etc. Always keep an eye on the effectiveness of marketing techniques. Inform customers about different benefits and features of your products and services. The customers should be convinced that something is appealing to your product.

  1. Online Or Offline Service

To increase the sale and to attract more customers; the product should be sold online and offline as well. Online selling implies selling on E-commerce websites whereas offline trading means the product of sale via stores and outlets. Because you cannot reach to each customer in need and demand of your offering; it is advisable to opt for online selling methods.

A Quick Wrap Up

It is a difficult task to attract appropriate consumers as there are so many brands in the market. Building the brand image is not an easy task. Proper marketing technique should be adopted to attract and retain consumers. Try to sell features and benefits, not the product. Never force the customers to buy merchandise. Give them time to compare and decide which product is worthy of them. Proper or friendly communication and excellent customer service always help in retaining consumers.

About the author:

Anuj Patel, working in one of leading Sri Lanka’s e-commerce website, providing uninterrupted solution of DTH Connection recharge for Indian and Sri Lankan users.  He is a music lover and also love writing blogs on technology related topics.