Feng Shui Office

Office Feng Shui Tips To Maximize Your Productivity

Work environment profoundly affects our mood, concentration, and productivity. This goes both ways— some people dread setting foot in the office, while others enter it with a smile on their face. Feng Shui makes a real difference here. This ancient wisdom is not some hocus-pocus or magical illusion. It is a vehicle for making a positive change in your environment, one that spills over into your daily workflow. You can keep the chaotic energy stemming from mess and clutter at bay, and prevent it from hindering your professional efficiency.

So, it is time to take command and turn a new leaf; here is how to set order to your workplace and get more things done every day.

In balance

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Feng Shui revolves around balancing Ying and Yang in the physical space. So, start by taking a good look at your office environment. Try to rethink it, assigning meaning and purpose to every section and corner. Of course, the specific elements depend on what you do, but there are some underlying principles to adhere to. Yang energy is livelier and to summon it, use brighter colors and décor touches like motivational quotes on the wall. Ying, on the other hand, is a meditative, soothing presence. To capture it, take advantage of neutral, subdued colors and relaxing décor.

Next, turn your attention to clutter. Identify everything that does not serve a clear purpose and only gets in your way. Namely, you should adopt a zero-tolerance policy towards clutter. Fill drawers and other storage compartments with things you need at least every now and then. Items you use on a daily basis must always be close at hand. Likewise, keep your desk tidy with organizers and make sure cables are out of sight. Smart storage solutions can quickly do away with forces of disarray.

Shape of success

Note that shapes and materials play a vital role in Feng Shui.

Ponder going for a rectangular wooden desk, the mainstay of your office and a perfect blend of several Feng Shui principles. Wood is the epitome of organic sturdiness and it promotes stability and reliability, two qualities you want to harness in your career. Moreover, a rectangular shape induces better concentration and focus, which works miracles for your productivity levels. In case you want to implement some more sheng energy, opt for a desk with round edges, which contrast the sharpness of the sha.

Furthermore, breathe some life into the walls and adorn them with shapes, feel-good colors and meaningful motifs. Utilize custom picture frames to display family photos and anchor fond memories. In general, when it comes to décor, you should make it reflect your personality. You should definitely consider, though, a water feature like a small fountain. It is a great centerpiece that represents movement and advancement. An image of a stream or a river can also do the trick.

Another key aspect to pay attention to is the positioning of the furniture. So, place your desk in a way that allows you to see who is entering or exiting your office. It is also a good idea to steer away from a cramped layout and enable a free flow of traffic. The ideal location is next to a sturdy wall and soaked in natural light. If you are not bestowed by natural blessings, use artificial bulbs that emulate sunlight. Speaking of nature, invite it inside as much as possible. Add potted indoor plants to unfold a self-fulfilling prophecy of business growth.

Strong winds in sails

Incorporating Feng Shui into your office is a great strategy to take your business game to the next level. There is a place for everything (except clutter) and everything should be in its place. Use décor to celebrate your passions and elevate your mood. Achieve clarity of mind and soothe your soul. Balance high, vibrant energy that stimulates productivity with calming tones and elements. Foster the flow of positive Feng Shui and feel vibrant professional energy taking over. Lay strong career foundations and tackle work obligations with renewed vigor.