Successful Interview

Mistakes People Make In Job Interviews

If you are searching for a job then you probably know it’s not easy to get through one. What you want is to ace it and get closer to getting hired. To do that, you’ll want to avoid making one or more of these big job interview mistakes.

Speaking Not So Good Things About Your Previous Employer

Putting down the company you’re trying to leave or one you’ve worked for in the past gives off the impression you’re a negative person who can’t let go of the past. It also may make interviewers wonder what you’d say about their company if they hire you. Don’t let this impression get down their mind and never criticize your previous employer.

Being Not Prepared For The Interview

Not demonstrating a basic knowledge of the role or providing clear examples of your past performance makes it seem like you just rolled in after only glancing at the company’s website. People who tend to hire  ask the same basic questions about your background, skills, interest in the company and why you think it’s a good fit. If not all at least you can read up on the company and prepare a few short notes about projects you successfully completed. This will show that you have sound knowledge not only about your previous roles but also about the current role you are wanting to get in. You need to research the employer well before you reach the interview. Companies like amberjack will take care of all your interview related queries anytime of the day.

Going Late For The Interview

If you don’t reach for your interview on time then you might have to pay for it. Your interview time would either be cut short, or you disrupt the schedules of several interviewers. Neither is good for you, since it either shortchanges your time with an interviewer or makes multiple people grumpy. Arriving on time is the basic thing you could do  to yourself in a interview. Arriving a few minutes early serves two purposes. It proves that you’re organized, reliable and eager. It also allows you to take some time to compose yourself, use the restroom and prepare for the impending conversation.

Never Lie About Anything 

Employers would eventually come to know if you were lying about certain things asked in the interview. And, if you lie on a resume, you have to keep the lie up during the interview. Don’t do this. It’s not worth it. If you get caught and there’s a good chance you will, as many employers will conduct background checks, you won’t get the job.

Eye Contact

If you can’t look your interviewer in the eye it can seem as if you’re lacking in confidence, or even hiding something. Also you must listen carefully to what interviewers ask and answer accordingly. Eye contact in general gives a good impact that you are attentive to the questions of the interviewers.

Dress Well

Wearing informal, wrinkled clothes to the interview could be a big turn off.  It is important to carefully select your outfit, brush your hair and take a look in the mirror before you arrive. This has a major role to play in the process.

Not Paying Much Attention

Don’t let yourself zone out during an interview. Make sure you are well-rested, alert, and prepared for your interview. Getting distracted and missing a question looks bad on your part. If you zone out, your potential employer will wonder how you will be able to stay focused during a day on the job, if you can’t even focus during one interview.

Never Bring Up The Issue Of Salary

Job candidates should never bring up the topic of salary first, because it puts them in a weaker negotiation position. Also it gives the impression that you are too much worried about the perks and not so much about the job.