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How to Curb Your Tech Addiction and Find Your Peace of Mind

We’re living in an age of advanced technology which means that we’re enjoying its numerous medical and lifestyle benefits. However, there are two sides of the same coin and many people are affected by information overload as it has been estimated that an average American consumes 34GB of data on a daily basis. In the same vein,  26% of American adults say that they’re online almost constantly. This new addiction threatens to affect our intimate relationships, minds, and health. That’s why learning how to go offline and live in the present moment is essential for our well-being.

Fast from electronics

The average person checks their phone every 10 minutes, and they get anxious when not able to do so. This stat shows how difficult it is to kick the habit of burying your face in your smartphone, which is why a digital detox should start by taking small steps. Instead of going cold turkey, try limiting your screen time, and introducing a couple 30-minute intervals during which you won’t use any gadgets. Also, it’s a good idea to stop using your mobile devices during your meals, when you go out with your friends, and before you go to bed. Little by little, you’ll be able to go long periods of time without having to grab your phone and check your Facebook or Instagram.

All this will be unpleasant at first, but it will allow you to connect with others on a more profound level, reconnect with yourself, and spend some quality me time.

Boost your creativity

Spending your free time in a creative way can help you stay away from your smartphone. Taking up a hobby, such as learning a new language, painting, gardening, or anything that you’re interested in, is an excellent method of broadening your horizons and keeping your mind busy. Instead of wasting your time on social media platforms, start socializing in real life. Throw a dinner party and invite all your friends to an evening of fine dining. Have a great fun by pairing uniquely crafted cocktails with finger food just like renowned mixology NYC experts do. Use your hands and occupy your mind while mixing various ingredients and creating delicious alcoholic and non-alcoholic cocktail combinations as that will stimulate your creativity and make you forget about all those smartphone notifications buzzing and inviting you to see the latest memes on social media.

Start exercising

Did you know that too much online time is responsible for anxiety, sleeping disorders, and constant fatigue? Physical exercise can help you eliminate these side effects as it will improve your blood circulation and supply your brain with oxygen and glucose it needs in order to function properly. If you aren’t exactly an athletic type, don’t worry as even a brisk walk will do the trick. Another upside of physical activity lies in the fact that it will lift your spirits, so if you don’t want to feel sluggish leave your phone and go jogging, swimming or dancing. After such an invigorating training session, you won’t even remember to pick it up.

Spend some time with your friends and family

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Asking your parents or siblings how they’re doing via Viber Facebook messenger isn’t the same as visiting them and having a heartfelt conversation. In order to cherish your relationships with other people you need to invest time and energy, and many people usually say that they’re too busy to spend a weekend, an afternoon, or even an hour and a half with their loved ones. But still, they manage to squeeze some screen time into their hectic schedules. Keep track of how long you’re online on an ordinary day, and just think about that time in terms of sacrificing quality moments with your friends and family.

Going offline is a challenging task, but once you start feeling its benefits, you’ll be able to unchain yourself from this modern-day addiction.