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Are You Management Material? Find Your Answer In Infographic

If you feel that you’ve reached a plateau in your career, it may be time to start wondering whether the time is right to move on to bigger and better things. For many, the logical step to more responsibility and improved pay is management.

Yet, the reality is that management requires a unique set of qualities and skills and it isn’t for everyone. If you are considering a move into management, we recommend that you check out this handy infographic from Davitt Corporate Partners to help you figure out if you’ve got what it takes to be a manager.

So, What Exactly is Management Material?

A good first step is to assess your previous managers, identify their strengths and weaknesses and then reflect on what you have learned from them. According to one survey, the top cited qualities by employees of an effective manager include (among other things) strong listening and communication skills, honesty, approachability and fairness.

Have You Got What It Takes?

Once you have a firm idea of what makes for good management material, the next step is to honestly consider whether you have what it takes. This infographic has helpfully compiled several key questions that you should ask yourself before pursuing a management position, such as “do you prefer to collaborate or work solo?” or “how do you manage conflict?”

Next Steps…

Stage three is to take action. The below infographic outlines some steps you can take to showcase your management potential to the world. It offers some helpful tips on what you can do to build your management skills and to highlight your abilities and initiative to the higher-ups. For example, one great way of doing this is by seizing any opportunity that comes your way to lead, and to use such experiences as opportunities for learning and self-development.

Read the infographic below to find out if you’re management material!
Find if you are a management material