8 Smart Time tracking tools to increase productivity

Time is the most important asset you have. You can get more money, however you’ll never have a greater number of seconds left to live than you have at this point. Today in the age of hyper competitive business, jet set travel, time is more important than any other time in human history.

Tracking how you spend your time, in work and in private, have a number of advantages. While there’s nothing wrong with browsing Facebook, it’s simple for anybody to get sucked in and spend a couple of hours looking through their ex’s photographs there. Here comes the utility of time tracking tools or apps, these add the accountability to how a person spends time.

If you are freelancer or involved in any other profession that involve working with clients, the work is normally hourly-based. Not only should we be able to provide accurate statistics about the work we’ve done, and what was in hourly basis, but we need to habituate ourselves strictly maintain schedules and must work with productivity in mind.

Time tracking is fundamental to all size of businesses. Tracking software, tools help increase your efficiency by noting down the number of hours put in by your employees and how well are they engaged in the task they assigned.
Now, that you know you need to use time tracking tool, you have to search for good software and apps that you can use in your office. We have listed eight most smart, in our opinion, apps to increase your productivity.

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Toggl is a web app and well known to freelancers. Easy to use and user-friendly interface has made it popular. Works like a stop watch. Press Start button at the start of your work and press the Stop when you done. Using toggle would help you to get a handle on your time allocation for different customers and projects. A great app to track either your or your team’s productivity.


Hours is for iOS users. When you need just to do simple thing like track your schedule, get the total number of hours you’ve worked per week, this app come to rescue. It would also help you to manage multiple projects and multiple clients. Feature offers alert, reports and a fascinating user interface.


Harvest: Time tracking app with security in mind. Works in all browsers, Android, iOS, and Mac. It can provide you real-time reports from its powerful system. Harvest can function as a project management tool as well. Another great feature Harvest offers is the ability to track expenses related to a project. With it, you can create and sent invoice on-line and accept payments on-line with PayPal, or Stripe.


TimeCamp is an app to track your time and manage your budget. This advanced time-tracking app offers a variety of reporting, billing and invoicing features, available as web application or desktop and mobile. If you are a solo user, you can use Timecamp for free and start tracking your time to improve your productivity.

Time Doctor

Time Doctor can be used as a web application as well as a Desktop application. It’s exciting features includes on-demand analysis, reporting, and regular checking of the productivity levels to make sure that nor you or your employees are wasting time or money. These reports can be set and e-mailed to your account at regular frequencies.


Timely is a time tracking tool for teams and freelancers. When you integrate this with calendar, Timely displays your scheduled activity alongside your actual activity. Timely integrates with some of the most popular business calendar such as Office 365, Outlook, and Google Calendar. Normally time tracking apps works in a way that, log your hours backward in time. Timely have reversed that concept! Here you plan ahead and working afterwards accordingly.
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Scoro is a tracking app as well as billing software. It provides options of different currencies. Here you can separate the actual time and billable time. You can also schedule meetings, can email invoices and view detailed reports.


Dashable is the best time tracking app for agencies that helps you to optimize your productivity. System remember what you works and can send reminders to your team members. Dashable can be integrated with Basecamp, GitHub, Trello, Braintree, PayPal, and PivotalTracker.

The greatest advantage of the time tracking tools are that they make it easy for you to actually track how you spend your time. All the time tracking app on this list are extraordinary for various requirements.

Do you have any other tool suggestions to increase productivity? We’d love to hear it, so let us know in the comments!