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6 Ways Referral Program Can Do Wonder To Your Small Business

Referral marketing is one of the major marketing strategies, which is largely in practice today by small and medium businesses. This strategy helps in building and expanding the huge customer base for the company or business. Regardless of the business niche or company portfolio, this method has been proven effective for decades now and even more.

Small businesses can highly rely on this effective promotional program, because this doesn’t really pull off huge money in the name of promotion, but brings in ample benefits for business growth and development. Even medium and big businesses do not afford to miss out on this exciting promotional tool. The referral program is proven successful across the globe.

Listed below are 6 ways in which referral program can bring wonders to small businesses:

The referral program is very much similar to the word-of-mouth promotions which are the most cost-effective, yet highly beneficial promotional tool.

The benefits of this program for the growth of business are countless.

  • Referral Program Increases Sales:

Referral program helps to develop and improve sales and profit of a business, by helping to keep up the existing customer base, while simultaneously expanding the scope of business by bringing in new customers. The main goal of a referral program is to identify the probable leads of a business and to convert them into customers. Referral program need not be out of the world concepts. The best thing is, even small freebie or a discount will get the impact for you.

Small and medium business owners might be well aware of the challenges they are facing in order to establish their brand among their target group and in the overall market. Establishing a brand and maintaining the sustainability is an everyday test for businesses. In that case, referral programs are the major promotional tool for promoting the USP of your business to your customers as well as common audience and to get their attention towards your business.

  • Referral Program is Implicit:

Referral program is a most sought-after and highly reliable way of promoting small business, as they cannot really spend much on advertisements, neither, cannot survive without advertisements. Even certain schools and medical institutions are now relying on referral programs and give attractive referral benefits to their customers and clients. This method is adopted even in the international business world, as there are no limitations or boundaries to the benefits of the referral program. As long as your products and services keep up high-quality standards and gains loyal customers, this referral program is going to bring in benefits implicitly.


  • Referral Program Boosts Product Launch:

Generally, businesses will spend huge amounts on their product launch, however, when the impact of advertisements is measured, the upper hand is always acquired through referral promotions invariably. Referral methods are being followed by almost every commercial sector, regardless of the size and nature of the business. Multiplying business benefit and increasing profit is the ultimate goal of any business and to attain the same, focusing on referral programs and giving referral benefits to customers/clients will be the ideal way of promoting business.

  • Loyalty is the Key in Referral Program:

Referral program can do wonders for small and medium businesses to stay in the good books of their clients, for which entrepreneurs have to concentrate on providing high-quality customer service to their existing clients. Businesses can get referral benefits through different effective referral program strategies. However, there is something called automatic referral which can be obtained only through gaining customer loyalty. More than any explicit referral program, this automatic referral is more powerful and only loyalty and quality can gain it for you.

  • Referral Program Creates Magic:

Referral program is more like a magic to a business, as its impacts and business profit are certainly beyond measurable. Businesses can offer referral bonuses or referral cards to their existing customers, who will naturally spread the word to their group of friends and families. As a result businesses can actually get the double benefit of repeated existing customers along with newly referred customers. This is more like a chain of activities which keeps going on and on.

  • Referral Program is Cost Effective:

Small businesses across the world consider referral program to be their basic and most relied promotional method, because of its cost-efficient nature. Spending little pennies or giving attractive discounts for existing customers to bring in more references will help in expanding the customer base for your small business.

Small business entrepreneurs are more prone to be benefited from referral programs than any other business types because they have the benefit to get in direct contact with their end customers on a day-to-day basis, unlike big businesses which operate with a chain of links. In that way, when you keep up a positive and smooth relationship with the customers and show care in their well being, referral benefits would multiply even further.


Referrals are more powerful and effective marketing strategy than an entrepreneur could imagine! This is certainly a not to miss out promotional tool. However, businesses must be clear that bad things also get promoted as fast and effective as your good business moves!

About the author:

Mehul Panchal, an entrepreneur, business adviser, mentor, speaker, writer, gym lover and tennis player. Also founder and Chief Managing Director of Filter Concept Pvt. Ltd. For more about him visit his website, Mehul Panchal