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5 Steps to Build Your Online Personal Brand

Proliferation of digital technologies and the interconnectedness of the entire world have created an unparalleled quickening of the business market. The world has never seen so many independent companies which seem to have sprung out of nothing in the unimaginably short amount of time. As each and every one of those companies fights for their own presence on the global market, they have turned the matter of branding into the most efficient weapon for getting noticed. If you have created a promising startup that struggles to achieve at least a semblance of recognition for starters, here are 5 steps to build your online personal brand.

Create a story

Every good brand has a story. This is why the best place to begin your quest for efficient branding begins with writing down words that represent your mission, vision and goals. This assortment of words should translate into a visual representation of your brand. There is an important practical angle to this stage of branding – you need to find a reliable and talented artist who will be able to collaborate with you on creating the visual aspect of the brand without hiccups.

The logo, the name of the company and ideals that are embedded within these values should be connected at a fundamental level. The potential customers, collaborators, employees or business partners will gravitate towards this consistent branding without a fault. The psychological effect of this backstory that echoes through every aspect of your brand can give you the exact edge over the rivaling companies you have coveted.

2Create an intrinsic connection between yourself and the brand

The next step is to make sure there is an intrinsic connection between yourself as a person and the brand. In order to create a successful business, each entrepreneur needs to pursue a set of goals that is very personal to them – which means they will likely work for more than money or the thrill of allocating power. Doing what you love is what this is all about and if your business reflects your values as a diligent worker and pursuer of goals, the connection between the brand and yourself will only be stronger. However, you have to ensure this every step of the way. You don’t want to find yourself feeling disconnected from the business and the brand which have come from a very personal place in the beginning.

Consistent presentation converts to presence

marketing of your business

Presentation is more than a custom-tailored outfit. As a representative of your company, you certainly need to look your best and to reflect the values of your business through appearance, but a company is more than you and it needs to be more than a sum of its parts. When eager entrepreneurs develop a business model and put it in practice, they are fully aware of the fact that they have turned into jugglers of countless moving parts. This intertwined nature of business and personal journeys is something you can use to your advantage. This is your way into the realm of consistent presentation.

Everything that is related to your business should convey the same message, from your business cards to personalized wedding invitations (even personal details carry a strong message) that include the Facebook page, or an Instagram hashtag for sharing your wedding photos. Consistent visual presence is not only important, it is necessary in this day and age. People will realize a lot about your intrinsic quality as a businessperson and a firm through these external elements, which say plenty on their own. They are the ones that will, for better or worse, either draw people towards you or keep them at bay.

Bother your rivals and allies

Networking helps you across multiple dimensions of expanding business. On the one hand, it gives you an opportunity to establish productive relationships with people from a variety of business branches. On the other hand, it also helps promote your brand. When you appear on scheduled conferences, gatherings, fairs and multitudes of events throughout the year, you give your compatriots and rivals a chance to find out about your brand and what it stands for. A brand is usually a “hook” that captures interest of entrepreneurs to learn more. Talking to both your rivals and potential associates appears to be a simple matter, but if you employ the aforementioned steps, the mere act of talking will do a lot of work for you. The worst thing that can happen is that you will be ignored – which is not exactly a high price to pay considering the possible benefits.

Give back to the community

Even if you are not a patriot, you should appreciate the opportunities your community has given you to develop a business. If your company is standing on solid foundations and you have created a successful brand, one of the best ways to build it further is to give back to the community. Philanthropic activities with local non-profit organizations will not only benefit others, they also benefit you and your brand greatly. They lend you more visibility in areas which were previously inaccessible and create a positive feedback in relation to your brand.

Even though effective personal branding can be one of the smartest strategies to increase your presence and define your mission, some entrepreneurs still look down on it. The reason mostly lies in the skewed opinion that it is a form of self-aggrandizing. However, this line of thinking is not only incorrect – it usually leads to under-performing businesses. As someone who is trying to build a company on solid foundations, you need to think large and be confident enough to tackle the incoming challenges. A robust and clearly defined brand is by no means a ticket to success, but it certainly represents an important asset towards achieving goals.