11 travel gadgets and accessories to enjoy your trip

Are you a college student, a professional, a businessman or a simple person – traveling for education, business or for pleasure? Whoever you are, travel can be fun, exciting – or may be exhausting and boring. Here are lists of travel gadgets and accessories that will turn your traveling most enjoyable of all time.

1. A Backpack that Charges your Gadgets

Charge your device more conveniently without the need to take out your power bank out of the bag, just a simple Plug and charge. The extension can be detached from the bag for cleaning purposes.

Travel Backpack

2. Always Be Ready with a Pocket, Picnic and Beach Blanket

This outdoor folding mat is small and ultralight, you can just put it in your bag,pocket ,attach to key and so on,The outdoor folding mat comes with pouches. Ultra-compact pocket blanket folds out to a large 43inch X 28inch blanket when open and folds down to about the size of your smart phone. fits 1-3 persons sitting.Go outdoors in style!

Pocket Blanket

The material of this outdoor pocket blanket is completely durable and waterproof, a perfect companion for your adventures in nature!

3. Charge your phone and tablet with this waterproof USB solar charger

Equipped with a solar panel, solar cellphone charger could recharge itself under the direct sunlight for emergency situation (e.g. , hurricane season or in wild), or outdoor activities ( camping / hiking / climbing ). Featured with IPX6 waterproof rating, it could be water-resistant (Waterproof Lip closed) and dust-proof.

Solar Charger

4. Heat up food anywhere with this Silicone heater YABUL Cook

5. Universal all in one adapter

Universal Adaptor

6. Credit card folding utility knife

Creditcard Knife

7. Ultra-light water purifier bottle

Water Purifier

8. Hoodie pillow For Comfort

The Travel HoodiePillow is the perfect inflatable travel neck pillow for airline travel, road trips, sports teams, business traveling, lunch break napping and anyone looking for a little privacy or shut-eye no matter where they are.

Hoodie Pillow

9. HooToo Portable Hard drive / wireless router

Portable Harddrive

10. Luggage Tracker

Track which city your luggage is in on the ground even while inside metal containers such as trucks, cars, hardened suitcases and parked aircraft

Luggage Tracker

11. Sleep headphones: Headphones for eyes and ears

Sleeping Headphone