How to Use Amazon’s Kindle Publishing to Turn Books Into Passive Income (Even if You Are A Lousy Writer)

Amazon is an enormous platform that has hundreds upon millions of “ready to buy” customers available for you to use. Kindle publishing is a feature that allows people to self-publish eBooks and paperbacks for free to reach millions of readers.

Kindle publishing is a still one of the best ways for you to get started with an online business and to make money online.

Don’t worry. Even if you are completely new to online marketing or if you are not a very good writer, you can still leverage the Kindle Publishing platform on Amazon to make some great money. I will explain it to you in the sections ahead.

My goal is to help you publish eBooks on Amazon by providing the most actionable tips and steps to get started. Here is how to build a profitable Kindle publishing business.

  1. Research/Topic Selection

One beautiful day, one of my mentors taught me an important business lesson. He said:

“Let’s pretend we both have a hamburger restaurant right next to each other. I would let you have anything you want, and I will only have one thing. I will beat you in sales every single time. What would you have?

I replied: “I would have the best hamburger meat, the toastiest buns, the tastiest cheese, the freshest onions….etc.”


I smiled proudly at him and asked what he would have to beat my laundry list of top of the line ingredients. My mentor smiled and said: “A starving audience!”

My mentor taught me how important it was to serve a starving audience. Picking the right niche is the first step in the Kindle Publishing process…and it is probably the most important. Picking the right niche can determine if your book will make some, a lot, or no money at all. I could write a high quality book, but if nobody wanted to read it, it would not really matter. Write a book in a  niche where there is a huge demand of hungry buyers.

 Don’t make the mistake of writing a book on a topic in a small niche just because you are passionate about the topic.

I will break down a small criteria you should use to select a profitable Kindle book niche.

Research, Research, Research

Write a book on what is already selling well. If you visit a product page, Amazon has this great feature called the best-seller rank if you scroll down the page. You can see how well the product is selling. I would suggest skimming around at the best-selling books and analyzing the best-seller rank to see how well a books is selling. This is a great indicator on if there are a lot of people buying the book or in other words, if there is a starving audience!

If a book is ranked 100,000, it is probably doing about one sale a day. You generally want to aim for a book niche that is within the 50,000 best-seller rank. After you find a category with books consistently in the 50,000 best-seller rank, research how competitive the niche is. You can check the competitive nature of the niche by analyzing how many reviews there are for the books in the niche. If there are many books with 100s or even 40 five star reviews and have been around for a while, it may not be the best idea to write a book in that niche. Of course you can beat these competitors but it would be a lot harder.

Also, be sure to do your due diligence on if the author has a large following. Whether it be from their blog, YouTube channel or they are flat-out famous, you don’t want to pick a niche where the book sales are inflated. We are looking to find a niche that organically sells well on Amazon. An author with a large following may only get sales because their audience likes them.


  1. Book Creation

You can always write the book yourself, if you want to put the time in effort to write a high-quality engaging ebook on the topic in your niche.

Otherwise, you can outsource the writing of your ebook.

How To Find a Writer

The first step to finding a writer is by posting a ‘job’ on sites like Upwork, Freelancer, and Toptal. Create an account and submit your financial information. Then you want to post up a job.

The job posting can be as simple as:

Headline: Searching for a ghostwriter for an ebook about tips about handling a personal injury case.


I am looking to write a 5,000 word ebook that is spell checked and written in an engaging way. I will be selling this book on Amazon and I want my readers to leave positive reviews. Also, I will provide an outline of the book.


– Must be fluent in English

– Must be able to write in an engaging way

– Must be easy to read, informative, and most importantly very helpful!

– Must be all original but well researched content on how to handle a personal injury case. This includes the approximate length of the whole process to how to find and hire a personal injury attorney.

Long-term work may be given if successful.

Categories: Blog/Ebook writing Fixed Rate: $100 – $150/book

Your book can be over 5000 words. The point of even writing a book is to solve a problem and be helpful. Deliver as much value as possible.

It may be tempting to go after the foreign freelancers because of their cheap pricing, but it may not be the quality writing that you are looking for. Try to aim for writers in the U.S., U.K. or Canada.

In my experience, don’t waste your time sifting and interviewing every single applicant. It could take you days to even select the writer if you interviewed every single one of them. Try just interviewing a few of them and working with the most qualified one in your budget.

Outline Your Book

It is important to draft an outline for your writer. I would suggest making the table of contents of the book as an outline for the writer. I would suggest to browse through Quora to see what questions are being asked on the topic or search through Reddit to see what people are talking about in the communities.

One sneaky trick is to go on Amazon and look at the other ebooks in your niche. Amazon allows you to preview books when you click “Look inside” and you can look at your competitor’s table of contents. This technique is NOT for you to copy them exactly. This is just to get an idea on what topics to go over in your book.


  1. Book Publishing

After your book is written, it is time to publish your book. Head over to the Kindle Publishing section of Amazon and  sign up for an account.

In your Dashboard, select “Create a new Title” and then follow the steps to publish your book.

There is an option to enroll in the KDP Select program and I would highly recommend you enroll in the program. The KDP program allows you to reach more readers and earn more money. Enrolling in KDP Select makes your book eligible for 70% royalty earnings on sales to customers in various other countries e.g. Brazil, Japan, India, and Mexico.

Be sure to write a headline that makes your readers want to purchase your book. Another important aspect potential buyer are going to see first is your book cover.

We’ve all heard the saying, “You can’t judge a book by its cover”.

True. However, oftentimes the cover will decide if it will catch the reader’s attention and be purchased in the first place!

Head over to Fiverr and hire a low-cost graphic designer to create you an eye-catching book cover. Fiverr is a freelance platform that can provide you with some great services at a great price.

Continue filling out the sections and following the guided steps on Amazon to publish your ebook.

  1. eBook Marketing

Reviews are the life and blood of your product. Period.

Amazon is doing a great job of cleaning up fake reviews and it is becoming more and more harder to fake reviews. As it should be. You will have to think of creative ways to promote and market your book to the right audience.


Facebook advertising is a great option to promote your books. You can segment your audience to target your ads to the people who would be most likely be interested in purchasing the book.

Monitor your ad spend and see if it is even worth it to be running ad campaigns. Let’s say you sell your book for $5 USD on Amazon. Amazon takes a 35% fee so you will be making about $3.25 for each book. Be aware of your ad spend and if it is worth it to you.

Blogger Outreach


I would suggest building relationships with bloggers in your niche. Introduce yourself! You can even give away sections of your book to that audience to entice them to purchase more or even give your book away to have the bloggers review it.

Bloggers often have access to an email list with people who are interested in your ebook topic. You could even offer them a special discount for their audience.

One of the most long-term solutions to marketing your ebook is to build an audience yourself about the topic in your niche. In a flooded market these days, what will set you apart from the rest is an engaged audience where you offer real value to. Start by making and posting YouTube videos discussing topics in your niche once a week. Start a blog that is relevant to your niche and post articles. You could even interview influencers in your niche and post it on your website blog.

Simply, an audience is more valuable to your ebook than your ebook is.


One tactic I have used to promote my books is leveraging Quora’s platform. First, I would optimize my profile to be seen as an authority figure in my niche (optimize my picture, my description, etc.). Then, I would go around Quora and answer questions in my niche with a link (that is not spammy) back to my book in the comment. I would provide as much value as I can first by answering their question with a helpful response. I noticed a huge jump in traffic to my book page on Amazon utilizing this tactic. Try it out.

  1. Optimization

Now that you have your book published, it is time to make small adjustments to maximize the sales.

Optimize Your Content

Start by optimizing your headlines and descriptions to sell. Write out the benefits your book promises to deliver on. I would head to Google’s keyword planner to look at high traffic keywords people are searching for. Google’s keyword planner are for Google’s platform and not specifically to Amazon, but it will give you a good idea on what people are searching for. Be sure to include the keywords in your headlines and descriptions. Test to see which keywords are going to generate you the most organic traffic.

Provide Awesome Customer Service

Amazon will deal with the customers mostly however, there are some aspects of customer service that you can control. If you receive a customer inquiry, respond within hours or as fast as you can and not days. Note that Amazon was built to where it is today because they provide exceptional customer service. They are not a fan of poor customer service from sellers and hey will not tolerate it. You will be notified if customers are asking questions and they are not getting responses until weeks later.

Play with the Price

Test the prices that your book will at. Some buyers try to capture the most sales on Amazon by providing close to the lowest price in that niche. Some buyers strategically price their books at a higher price to show they are premium. I would suggest you play around with the prices in comparison to your competitors to see which price points are the best to sell at.

Create Promotions

Create promotions for your listings! When you launch, run a promotional special. Consider offering holiday promotion prices on your book to get more exposure. Amazon’s algorithm takes into account book sales into your visibility on Amazon and promotions could increase your visibility

Let’s Get to Publishing!

Here are my tips to get start publishing books on Amazon’s Kindle Publishing platform. My advice will get you started but a lot of other steps are stuff you will have to learn and test out on the fly.

Take massive action and best of luck on your publishing endeavors 🙂