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End to End Process to Study and Work in Canada

Undoubtedly, students from every part of the globe have a desire to study and settle in Canada for certain reasons. But don’t consider it so easy because if it was that then every study abroad seeker would have done that! So, now it’s obvious that as a student, you must be in confusion what does it take to fulfill the dream of studying abroad. Here is your answer:

Say Hello to SDS for Canada Student Visa:

Canada launched a new rule, SDS (Student Direct Stream) in order to offer an opportunity to indian students to study at the post-secondary institutes of Canada as well as to speed up the processing time of student visa application. SDS simply provides hassle free and faster visa processing to students from different countries.

Advantages of SDS Visa Program:

SDS visa category is very beneficial for the Indian students to Study in Canada. According to this new program, every Canadian academic institute has unique DLI number. Here are some major advantages of SDS program:

  1. The study visa process has been fastened under SDS.
  2. There is steady visa processing under all the SDS academic institutes.
  3. SDS program has reduced the documentation process.
  4. In this program, students have many options to shortlist colleges as well as courses.

Requirements to Study Under SDS program:

  1. You must secure overall 6 bands and not less 6 band in each module of IELTS test.
  2. Medical test is compulsory before 1 week of submission of the application.
  3. You must have payment receipt of 1 year tuition fees.
  4. You must purchase GIC (Guaranteed Investment Certificate) to support your living expenses in Canada.

Common Mistakes Which Are Responsible for Refusal of Visa:

  1. If you have selected irrelevant visa category
  2. If you have given over explanation of your course and case.
  3. If your documentation is very poor.

Process to Study in Canada:

Preparation to study overseas must be very careful. Be clear that you are interested to study in which course and location in Canada. 125 Canadian academic institutes are welcoming international students with over 3000 bachelor’s programs.

How to Apply for Canada Student Visa:
Here are the main steps to study in Canada:

(a) Well, it’s quite important to apply for the Canadian academic institutes before starting your study permit application process. If a Canadian college or university agrees to give you admission then you will get an offer letter from that particular college or university which will be required for the visa application.

(b) Once you receive an offer letter from the Canadian college or university, now it’s time to move towards the next step- applying for student visa. Here are few steps to get study permit:

  1. You can apply your study visa online on the official website of Canada- CIC (Citizenship and Immigration Canada).
  2. Then, provide your offer letter which you have received from a designated learning institution.
  3. Attach financial proofs in order to support your stay in Canada.
  4. You should not have any criminal record.
  5. Attach medical reports to state that you have completed your medical examinations.

(c) Prepare the necessary documents like application form, offer letter, valid passport, financial support proof, IELTS test proof, GIC proof and tuition fee payment proof etc. After that, you must have to visit visa application centre for biometrics.

Process to Work as a Student in Canada::

No doubt, Canada is an attractive option for overseas students. One of the main reasons for its popularity is the ease by which a student can transit from study permit to work visa. You spend a lot of money on visa, course fee, flight ticket etc so if you can work while studying then international currency can support your financial situation.

What Is the Eligibility Criteria to Work While Studying in Canada:

International students are allowed to work on-campus and off-campus on study visa permit. So, your study visa is sufficient to work in Canada, no separate work permit is required to work during studies.

Allowed Working Hours in Canada:

If you are going to study in Canada as an international student then you will get 20 hours/week during semester whereas 40 hours during vacations. If you work on-campus then you don’t require any social insurance number (SIN) whereas the international students doing off-campus jobs have to fulfill these requirements:

  • You must obtain a social insurance number (SIN).
  • You must be a full time student with a valid study permit.
  • You must have admission in a DLI.

International students can work anywhere in any job in canada but if duration of your study permit is less than six months then you are not eligible to work in Canada. Make sure that you start working once you start studying your study abroad course.

Co-Op Work Permit:

You don’t need any work permit to do a job while studying but if you are studying in a co-op program, then you have to complete a Co-op work placement to become graduate. So, a co-op work permit is required to work with study permit. For this permit, you have to get a letter from your academic institute confirming that you need to complete work placements in order to get degree. This internship is a part of your course so your college or university can help you to apply for this permit.

Post Study Options:

Here are some ways by which you can continue working in Canada under various conditions:

After finishing your study abroad course, you can apply for post-graduate work permit (PGWP) by which you can work anywhere in Canada for maximum 3 years. But you have to apply for this permit within 90 days of completion of your course. Canadian work experience with Canadian degree make you different from the crowd as it can proof as a valuable asset in your future.

Studying abroad is the dream of many students from different parts of the world. But Canada is one of the top most choices for international students who want to get global experience and international degree. By following a simple process to study and work in Canada, you can get life changing experience and build a very strong resume for a brighter future.

About the author:

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