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How To Start Your Own Medical Transcription Business

Medical transcriptionist are those that listen to recordings from healthcare professionals and transcribe them into reports or medical correspondence. Although the job growth in this particular profession does tend to increase and decrease as the years go on, many hospitals and medical practices work for freelance medical transcriptionists to handle their overflow work that comes in on a daily basis. If you’re thinking about starting your own home-based business as a medical transcriptionist that are a few things you’ll need to know first.


You’ll need to complete a training program. This program allows you to become the best that you can be. There are several companies that offer great webinars and training to set you up for success. One of these companies is called, iMedX. During your coursework, you’ll focus on many medical terminology, healthcare documentation, healthcare legal issues as well as practicing shorthand and listening to particular key words and phrases. You’ll need to get your hands on experience as well which is why iMedX is perfect for those looking because they have offices nationwide including internships. This will give you that work experience that you need to know. Be sure to brush up on any books, tutorials and online reviews.

When it comes to looking for potential clients, this may not be as difficult as it seems. Sure, it can be nerve wracking but the largest employers of medical transcriptionists are located in hospitals. Make a business card and visit your local hospitals. Ask to speak with the medical office manager. They are usually the ones who are outsourcing the overflow transcription work. Some other companies such as medical laboratories or speech therapists could be  great place to start as well.

Once you’ve established all these steps now it’s time to set up your home office! Make sure you have an office space for your business within your home away from the chaos or distraction that could be happening. Your basic office equipment should include a desk and a computer. Some clients may want a specific software to use. This can help you purchase the software that is most compatible with your target audience but not all companies use the same products so make sure to ask once you get everything situated.

Having references is key too! These references can include companies that you’ve interned with in the past or with college professors. Once you have a large client base, you can even ask your existing clients to help write reviews or rate you. Word of mouth is huge as well as a positive outcome from your clients.

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One of the huge perks about starting your own medical business is the cost is pretty low, especially if you are operating out of your own home. This will help you deduct expenses from your home when you file your taxes later in the year and depending on your hours, you’re able to work as much or as little as you’d like. If you build up a large clientele, you’re able to work many hours, work from home and grow your business! If you’re feeling overwhelmed, make sure to hire an assistant!

A word caution however. This is a computer based career so you do not want to be careful with your eyes. It can also be a strain on your neck, back and wrists with all the typing that you’ll be doing. Be sure to take 15 minute breaks every hour and have a sturdy chair for good back support. Why not even spring for a massage here and there to keep your muscles from aching!

Starting your own business can be a scary start but the reward can be worth it after a few years. Hospitals need detail oriented, positive and smart medical transcriptionist to keep their work flow going, help patience and who have a customer savvy personality. I can’t wait to hear how your business is booming, how these tips helped inspire you to start your business and how you are not helping others path their own paths for success. How will you start today? Who can you reach out for more information? How will you make a difference in the hospitals and doctors that you see everyday? The sky’s the limit!

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