Why Christian schools? The great educational Debate on public vs. Private!!!

According to a Survey, 10% of the secondary and elementary school students study in private schools out of which 70% choose to study in a religion based school. Therefore, it can be concluded that parents opt for private schools just for religious schools.

Each and every parent wants the best for their child. When it comes to choosing a public or a private school, the focus is just the bright future of the kid. Therefore, before enrolling your child in any school, you should know the pros and cons of the school that you have chosen.

Public schools education

When it comes to money and convenience then public schools are a great option for everyone. As you are already contributing to education services as tax so you have to pay lesser to get your kid studied in public school. It makes your life easier and convenient as well.

Reasons to send your child to a Private Christian school!!!

However, in comparison with the public schools, private schools come with a hefty range of price tag and lots of parental involvement but parents choose private schools because these offer great value to their children. And when it comes to private Christian school like Western Christian Academy then your child is very nearer to get solid education reinforced with spiritual development. This is the reason why parents choose Christian schools for their kids.

Smaller class sizes

It is a known fact that students get individual attention in smaller class size so that they can learn better. Most of the private schools have a low teacher to class ratio so that a child can get the complete attention of the teacher.

Your child will have a biblical world view

In private schools, most of the teachers are passionate about their subjects what they taught. The teachers at Christian schools are not just focused on the subject matter itself but on the creator of the subject. Your kids will listen to sentences there such as “is not God so great who had created everything wonderfully” and all. However, the teachers at public schools can have Christian perspective but the teachers in the Christian schools have complete freedom to have christened centric perspective and they can be taught in the same way to their students.


Most of the private schools offer great security to their students. They have locked doors, cameras, approved visitors as well as the safe structure of the schools. At the time of the events, extra security measures have been hired by such schools. The safety is not just all about physical safety even a Christian school to look for the spiritual welfare of the students. Here your child will an environment where he/she can ask questions regarding their beliefs and faiths.

Great influence

Remember that not every public school child is poorly behaved similarly to like not every private schoolchild is just perfect. However, choosing western Christian academy allows you to give your child an environment that aligns with your beliefs, where your family and cultural dynamics will be supported and you become able to give a positive environment to your child. In this way, you become able to give the best opportunities to your child so that they can grow, learn and can make choices that honor God. In this age, a child can’t take a decision for his/her goods or bad, you have to make decisions for them, be sure to choose the right one.

The school will support your family values, faith and beliefs

Reading about church history, the Bible and Christian doctrine is something invaluable that you can teach your kids if you choose to send them to a Christian school. In these schools, involvement in church activities is supported and educated. Your child will get an environment where your family beliefs are valued and supported. Other than the academics, your child will learn such invaluable things that make the decision incredible.

Your child will get the company of Christians

However, it is not mandatory that every student studying in western Christian Academy is a Christian but many of them are therefore higher are the chances that your child will have friends that are also Christians. You know that friends play an important role in a child’s life. Having Christian friends will encourage your child’s faiths and beliefs. Above all, your child will get the most valuable education of life by reading in a Christian school.

Remember that getting admission to a Christian school does not shelter your kid from sins. But your child will grow in an environment where his/her beliefs were encouraged and higher are the chances that he/she will become a good person ahead.

Western Christian academy is one of the best Christian schools. If you are considering a Christian school for your child then this school is the best for your child to give him/her the best opportunities to grow and learn along with having an invaluable religious education.