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How To Choose The Best iPhone For Your Needs

Almost every adult owns a smartphone, and some parents have also bought phones for their children. There are numerous smartphones in the market to choose from when one decides to buy a new phone. If you have decided to go for an iPhone over other smartphone systems, you have narrowed your options, but you are not there yet.

Apple iPhone has numerous smartphones, and they all have a range of different features. It can be very overwhelming to try and choose the best iPhone for you and your needs. However, there are the most common and popular iPhone models that most people tend to prefer and they include iPhone 7, iPhone 8, iPhone XR and iPhone XS. Here is a detailed analysis of each and it will help you choose the best iPhone for your needs.

  • iPhone 7

iPhone 7 was launched in the year 2016 and can be termed as the revolutionary model when it comes to iPhone smartphones. It is also one of the cheapest and most serviceable iPhones in the market. iPhone 7 has a telephoto lens, which uses lighting collector instead of the wireless headphones and is the same size as iPhone 6. When this iPhone model was new, it was quite expensive, but over the two years it has been in the market, the price has decreased significantly. Apple released other models in the market, and even if it’s an advanced phone, most people have a tendency of going for the newest commodities in the market. For this reason, iPhone 7 is somehow being overlooked. There are few apps that you cannot run in iPhone 7 yet you can run them on the newest models. The speed for this iPhone model and the battery life tends to deteriorate as the time goes by and if there are people who are still buying iPhone 7 in the year 2019, most probably it’s because of the price rather than features. iPhone 7 has an internal memory of 32 GB, does not allow wireless charging, is water resistant, runs Apple’s 2-year-old A10 chip and comes in four colors. However, it is still good for basic and few advanced functions, and that’s the reason why there are people who still love it. Its price starts at $499.

  • iPhone 8

iPhone 8 was introduced to the public in the year 2017, and almost the same time iPhone X was announced. Unlike iPhone 7, iPhone 8 allows wireless charging, and this means that you won’t have to deal with charger or cable issues every time you want to charge your phone. The back of this iPhone model is made of glass, and the good part about it is that it is considerably cheaper as compared to other models in the same class and the technology invested in it. Its size is larger than iPhone 6 and 7, has a fast speed, its internal memory is 64 GB, is water resistant, comes with the year-old A11 bionic chip and has an awesome camera. iPhone 8 is smaller than iPhone 8 Plus, XS and XR. However, its size can be considered as standard and combined with the glass-touch on your hand; it feels great. However, as compared to its sister iPhone 8 Plus, iPhone 8 does not have a dual lens. It may go without saying but this is the most selling iPhone in the market and its price starts from $599.

  • iPhone XS

iPhone XS’s hardware is almost the same as iPhone XR although it tends to have more premier features. When Apple decided to discontinue iPhone X in the year 2018, they came up with this model as an update of iPhone X. Some of the main features you will see with the phone include a dual but great camera, has a high waterproof rating, provides an OLED display, comes with a fast A12 Bionic chipset, has a wireless charging system, allows face ID and is water resistant. iPhone XS comes in three different color options for you to choose from. One major downside about iPhone XS is the fact that it is quite expensive for everyone who falls in love with it to afford. It has a 5.8-inch screen, and even if it may feel small for the great futuristic features it carries, the model still captures great photos and videos. If you compare iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max you will realize that they are almost the same despite that the latter is the newer model. Its price starts from $999.

  • iPhone XR

iPhone XR was launched in October 2018 slightly after the release of iPhone XS, and it is deemed as the entry-level iPhone that came with Face ID feature. Its front design is all screen allowing FaceID over TouchID. Most of the features capitalized in iPhone 8 were also capitalized in iPhone XR. However, this model has more color options that are six colors, has a fast speed, and offers great and advanced camera functions. Other features you will see with the model is the wireless charging system, its water resistant, has a fast A12 Bionic chipset, has a 6.1-inch screen, has a starting memory of 64 GB and falls under the new trio for battery life. One of the things that make this model sell more is its price because despite having amazing features, iPhone XR is cheaper than iPhone XS by $250. Its price starts from $749.

All these iPhone models sound awesome, but someone needs to choose the iPhone model that will satisfy their needs. If you are the kind of a person who loves going for the most recent products or recently updated products, then XS and XR are the best iPhones you should go for. XR is among the cheapest among the most up-to-date iPhones, and XS is the most expensive model on the same category. They both carry the features that iPhone X had before its discontinuation. If however, you are not looking for the most recent model in the market, iPhone 8 could be the perfect iPhone for now. It has amazing features including a large storage space, its compatible with new software and its price is also relatively low as compared to other new models. Now, with this kind of analysis, you will be sure to choose the iPhone that will not only satisfy your needs but also falls within your budget.

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