5 Free Resources to Increase Your Project Management Skill

Having knowledge on project management software is an absolute necessity for the aspiring managers. They must have education and expertise on advance technology that will help to increase their personal skill.

When your to-do list becomes a monster and an item next to a checkbox will actually take a long time and multiple members in your team to complete, you require an instrument intended to oversee them. Here comes the project management.

As a student of management studies you should familiarize yourself with a few devices for overseeing the projects you assigned, without losing all your hair, to avoid a Godzilla-like apocalypse for your company.

While large organizations spend tens of thousands of dollars on project management tools, small businesses can easily meet their needs at a mere fraction of that cost.

Here we have made a rundown of assets that will help you to keep eye on the progress of a particular project and more important is that they all are free.

1. Trello for Showing Team Progress

Trello is ideal for small and simple project management that lets you create “cards” for things that need to get done and organize those cards into different lists. It emphasis is on visual task management, like kanban, the scheduling system popularized by the Japanese for just-in-time processes.

Here you will find a list of “To-Dos,” a “Doing” list, and one list on what have “Done”. As the project progress, you move cards from one column to the next so you can see your development over time.

Trello works best for creative and software development teams, which require agility in project planning and monitoring.

It is a very convenient and simple PM solution. However, though this is an excellent quality, there may be circumstances when it can’t handle complex projects like one that require analytics or customized reporting.

2. Asana for Team Checklists

Asana is another effective tool to manage and track your project’s development. While Trello focuses on cards moving between lists to tick off tasks, Asana focuses on the familiar checklist.

Asana works best with small companies moving to more complex projects. It lets you create different projects, then add people to these projects, and then create tasks which you can assign to a person to get them done.

There is facility to create sub-task within the main task that you had created. You can have conversations, do share files, and can set due dates. You can easily create tasks for your entire group to use it regularly; it can replace email, task management, and file sharing with one platform.

3. Basecamp

If your emphasis is on collaboration and team communication, Basecamp is the mostly recommended tool for your need. Its automated email updates will keep you informed of the status and recent changes made to your projects and tasks within the last 24 hours.

Basecamp have a powerful search tool allows the user to narrow his search by date, project, users, and just about anything else you can think of. It also have discussion area that helps to keep the lines of communication open within your group, along with the ability to comment directly on files or tasks.

Students and teachers can get Basecamp for free.

4. GanttProject

Another beautiful open-source free project scheduling and management tool is GanttProject. Users evenly compared this heavy-hitting toll with the Microsoft Project — both in terms of features it offers and the complexity it can manage. With this system you can generate Gantt and PERT charts, have facility to produce reports both in HTML and PDF formats, as well as offers versatile scheduling and time management tools.

Upside: Literally there is no limit to what you can do with GanttProject. This management platform facilitates to quickly create a structured schedule for any project you like. Also it have the system for task assignment and milestone implementation, that helps the project managers to identify problem areas in the intended workflow where company need to set goals for improvement.

Downside: However this toll is not generally recommended to people who are not familiar with project management software. He/she may have found GanttProject overwhelming, though there is a functional support forum to get help from experts.

5. FullContact for Building Your Network

FullContact – the contact management system that gives you a chance for better organization of the collection of the cards that you have get from different clients and other important persons.  With a FullContact account, you can take a photo of a business card and afterward save them to FullContact. They’ll interpret the transferred data, and add it to your list of contacts. So now you can undoubtedly keep track each one of those appointments you have set, without clutching each and every business card.

You should scan each business card you get with the goal that they’re added to your contacts in FullContact.

Do you have any other tool suggestions to increase the project management skill of the aspiring managers or  college students? We’d love to hear it, so let us know in the comments!

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